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Golazin 'Parvaz' Performance

As the summer is approaching, Lyndon Lloyd is working on more exciting projects. Two of United Productions outstanding dancers, Shane Scarth and Ciaran Rees were selected to perform alongside our client, Golazin as she performed her latest single, Parvaz on Monoto Television – for the Persian New Years Eve Countdown. United’s leading choreographer, Lyndon Lloyd created a bespoke routine for the performance. The artist was dressed in a handmade dress made by Elisa Heinesen. Below you may watch the performance:

Golazin Turkish Tour

Lyndon Lloyd was yet again requested to work alongside a well know iranian artist, Golazin. Lyndon alongside six of United Productions team members worked on various elements of Golazin's performances over multiple dates in Turkey. Golazin and four of United Productions dancers wowed the audience as their performed routines created by Lyndon Lloyd. The footage from the tour is now being aired on RJTV network.


Lyndon Lloyd was comissioned by a high profile beauty brand, Mac Cosmetics to work on a series of multiple promotional events held across UK's busiest airports. 'The Art of The Lip' campaign brought the airports to a stand still as United Productions dancers performed a routine created by the one and only Lyndon Lloyd. Many celebrities shared snaps of our dancers on their Social Media.

New Hope Club

United Production’s leading choreographer, Lyndon Lloyd was asked to choreograph a routine for New Hope Club’s latest promotional video, shoot in London. Lyndon created a routine for over thirty dancers to the band’s latest cover of the 70’s hit song ‘Tiger Feet’. The song was featured in the recently published movie ‘Early Man’. You may watch the final piece below: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen=""></iframe><p><a href="">Tiger Feet Official Video (Starring Lisa and Lena)</a><span> by </span><a href="https://www

Baby Driver Movie

Lyndon Lloyd delighted to work alongside the legendary director, Edgar Wright on beat sheets featured in five scenes in his latest movie ‘Baby Driver’ released earlier on this year. The critics raved over the movie as it proven to be this year’s box office smash. Lyndon Lloyd worked directly on the choreographic piece with the director and the production company, Big Talk Pictures.

Golazin 'Bi-Gonah' on Manoto TV

Lyndon Lloyd and United Productions had the pleasure of working yet again, with the incredibly talented Iranian artist, Golazin as she performed her latest single, Bi Gonah during an appearance on Monoto TV. Golazin stunned in her fitted, navy dress as she performed alongside four of United’s most sought after dancers: Jeanine, Nathalie, Emily and Louise. United’s Lyndon Lloyd created a bespoke choreography for the performance alongside Jeanine Desmier and creatively directed the shoot. Leon Synan styled the dancers and Golazin’s hair to perfection. United Productions also commissioned the dancers costumes. You may watch Golazin’s performance here:

Golazin - Promotional Shoot

Lyndon Lloyd was commisioned by Iranian artist, Golazin to work on a promotional video shoot promoting her up coming Turkish Tour. Lyndon worked on every element of the shoot, not only creating bespoke choreography to a medley of Golazin's best songs but overseeing every creative aspect. United Production's provided the dancers, make up, styling as well as creative direction, camera and lighting directors, producers and assisting staff.

The Vamps - Hair Too Long

Lyndon Lloyd was recently commissioned to work on The Vamps latest music video; 'Hair Too Long'. Lyndon made a statement by creating a fantastic ballerina-themed choreography for the video. The Vamps are currently taking the music industry by storm as their music attracts audience from around the world. You may watch the video below:

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